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Hello and welcome to United Freaks of America. The U.F.A. is for people who like to be themselves and don't care what others think.
You can post anything you like such as if you're working on a book and want some feedback or want to talk about your favorite rock band.
But there are a few rules: 1. Don't start agruments in community if you wanna argue don't do it here. 2. Don't be rude or harrass other members if you are and the member reports you to me you'll first be warned if you do it again you'll be banned and deleted 3. Don't use foul language not everyone wants to hear it 4.if you have any ideas that will help us out, PLEASE share them. we are always looking for ways to improve, and we cant do that without your help. 5.. If you are new, You dont have to, but please post a hello and introduce yourself in the "Newbies" post, instead of posting a whole new post with just saying "hi im new, blah blah". If I seen any of those post's, they will be deleted. 6. Don't steal other people's work you must ask them if you may post thier stuff on your journal AND give them credit

If you have any questions or suggestions please put them in the Questions/Suggestions Box obvisouly. Have fun, enjoy yourself. But please follow the rules so we don't have any problems, thank-you. Oh and if you know how to make banners please if you can could you design one for The U.F.A., you don't need to but it would be nice. We will give you credit for it, again thank-you.
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